Random E-bike Observations–November 4

Riding in on the State Liner (Route A) at 7:05a this morning, I was reminded how peaceful this route can be. By the time I reached the first busy street, the Southwest Boulevard, which is three-fourths of the way to my office, I had been overtaken by but a single car.

That’s five miles of nearly car-free riding, in the heart of the city courtesy of zero public bike infrastructure. All it took was an e-bike, the right route and an early start.

I’ve finally assembled most of my cold-weather riding gear. Today’s 46 degree temperature wasn’t really much of of a challenge for it, but certainly tougher tests are to come. If you’re interested in details, here’s what I’m wearing for our early fall mornings:

  • Wool cycling socks
  • Blue Jeans
  • Medium-weight polyester base layer from North Face on the Plaza (which I intended to soon compare to a Merino wool version)
  • Softshell cycling jacket in “Visibility Yellow” from Shawnee Trek store.
  • Merino wool beanie from Shawnee Trek.
  • Head gloves from Costco.

The softshell jacket is an adequate windbreaker even at 30 mph and everything is breathable, so I didn’t feel sweaty by the time I arrived.

I finally added a side mirror, and after just a few rides, I wouldn’t ride without it. I was reluctant because previously had a helmet-attached mirror, which was worthless.

All in all, a cloudy, dreary early November Monday morning is vastly improved by a bicycle commute to work.


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