Connecting the downtowns

Want to see just how close KCK and KCMO downtown are? Just hop an e-bike and head west out of River Market. There’s a couple of options to get down to the West Bottoms, but taking Woodswether is the most enjoyable. The bridge coming out of River Market provides a great view of the river, and there’s almost never any traffic, From there, pick up the Riverfront Heritage Trail right under the never-ending construction on the Lewis and Clark viaduct. While dodging homeless people, residents of the community release center and some potentially other illegal activity, you’ll get a window into the KC you didn’t know well.

But not to worry, you’ll fly by it very quickly,

Soon you may encounter some lovely odors from a treatment plant, and enjoy “art” on concrete slabs.

Still, it’s all worth it. The bike/ped bridge over the Kaw must be the most unused piece of cool infrastructure in KC. Once across the bridge, you can either ride up the short hill to downtown KCK / Strawberry Hill, or take a turn and head to Kaw Point Park. The park, which used to be a dump, is another one of the best views of the city and a very unheralded place to sit and enjoy some beauty,

That total ride from River Market to KCK is about 5 minutes, No traffic, no parking issues, and a unique experience you won’t forget.

Why would anyone drive this?

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