Using e-bikes every day

E-bikes make cycling for everyday purposes much more feasible–especially in a hilly city like Kansas City. They are powerful and speedy. They zip up the steepest of KC hills. They move much nearer the speed of cars traffic. They require much less exertion to cover distances. They are a coming revolution in urban transportation.

Still, biking in a city is dangerous. But routes can make all the difference between an unpleasant, dangerous ride and a safe, enjoyable one–avoiding difficult intersections, busy streets and poor pavement. Often a slight tweak in the route can yield a big improvement.

We’ve mapped several key routes that serve important cycling corridors in Kansas City. A system map shows all of the routes and links to detailed maps for individual routes. These routes can be sent to various GPS apps and Google Maps, and include turn-by-turn audio and on-screen instructions when used with the iOS and Android app “RideWithGPS”.

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