Rejected segments

We’ve evaluated the following segments because they are direct paths along desirable routes. However, we rejected them generally because we do not consider them safe.

Main Street (31st to 47th)–too busy; many bad intersections; fast traffic

JC Nichols Parkway (43rd to 47th)–too busy; fast traffic; door danger

Broadway (Southwest Boulevard to 31st Street)–very fast, inattentive traffic; DANGEROUS!

Broadway (31st Street to 43rd Street)–heavy traffic.

Southwest Trafficway (entire length)–it’s little better than a freeway.

Gillham Road (18th Street to 31st Street)–heavy, fast traffic

39th Street (State Line to Troost; updated 9/23/2019)–heavy and fast traffic with lots of lane changing; poor pavement, especially east of Main Street; very busy intersections.